Web Stats

In an effort to get as much as I can off of google services, I’ve been spending some time off and on on looking for a decent self hosted web statistics tool that won’t break the bank. I may eventually move to a paid tool, but for now, my web stats are more just a curiosity. I had been using AWStats, but it’s fairly out of date (seems to only have had maintenance patches over the last several years), and since it’s server log based, not terribly accurate. To that end, I ran across Piwik the other day. It has a lot of nice features, and most importantly, doesn’t seem to significantly slow down the loading of my pages (it’s a Javascript based solution, but it’s hosted on the same server I host a lot of my web sites on).

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Anatomy of a Compiler Bug

One of my favorite blog post series is Mike Ash’s “Friday Q&A”. They’re always deeply technical, and often make my head hurt a bit. This week was no exception. I have a small amount of assembly experience, but it’s all MIPS, and I haven’t needed it years. So it was interesting to get a peek at x86-64 assembly, and see just how wacky a bug in a compiler can potentially be.

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Slight Change in Focus

So, in an attempt to write more, and because my interests have a habit of blending together, I’ve decided to branch out some in the topics I discuss on this blog. If you visit the site directly, instead of solely reading via the feed, you may have already noticed a small piece of this change, the Strava sidebar widget I’ve added.  I’ve renewed my efforts to get myself into better shape, and hopefully having somewhere to talk about it that’s more long form than Twitter and App.net will help to keep me motivated some. Also, while I’m not ready to talk about it yet, there may be an app or two I’m working on that will end up being related to fitness, so these posts won’t be completely off topic, it’ll just be a while before I start tying the fitness posts back to my tech related posts.

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Basically, how the last few days have felt.

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Xcode debugging tricks

Craig Hockenberry tends to post some really useful Xcode and Objective-C related tips on his blog. Sometimes his posts are knock it out of the park, “I never would have figured that out” kind of awesome. Other times, they’re the subtler, “Why didn’t I ever think of that”, kind of awesome.  I have known for a while now (although I keep forgetting about it) that you can add an action to a breakpoint in Xcode. What I had never thought of, and what Craig points out in his latest post, is that you can have the debugger execute small amounts of code, including NSLog. No more adding NSLog statements to your code only for debugging.

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